The Ex-Whisperer Files Mystery Series: HOW TO MURDER A MARRIAGE

Coming July 2021

Gabrielle St George is a Canadian screenwriter and story-editor with credits on over 100 produced television shows, both in the USA and Canada. Her feature film scripts have been optioned in Hollywood. Ms. St George writes humorous mysteries and domestic noir about subjects of which she is an expert—- mostly failed relationships, hence her début soft-boiled series, THE EX-WHISPERER FILES. She is also the author of the non-fiction series, THE GAL GUIDES— fact-packed, give-your-head-a-shake relationship and lifestyle advice laced with personal confessions and a healthy dose of humor. Gabrielle lives a wildly magical life in the middle of a forest and spends weekends at her 1930s cabin on the shores of Lake Huron with her partner (current coupling still alive and kicking) and their extremely disobedient dogs. When she’s not writing, painting, gardening, stargazing, moondancing, and daydreaming, she travels the world to visit her four fabulous children who live abroad.​

The Gal Guides

How to Say So Long to Mr. Wrong

How to Know if He's Having an Affair

How to Find and Follow Your Passion


I’m pretty sure she wrote that book just for me! What a great book! The book is a quick read with everything you need to set yourself free from the relationship that has expired. I swear she has been following me around the last 3 years... it was spot on with my life. Thanks for the reassurance, I know I can do this FINALLY!


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